About Me

I hate to throw anything away. Long after an items use is over I like to think of a new use for it. Thus came to be Second Chance Arts. My aim is to reuse the item or part thereof to create something new and creative, thus giving it a “second chance.” Right now I am reusing old china dishes and glassware to create unique yard art flowers. I hunt down supplies at flea markets, thrift stores, antique shops, yard and estate sales. Each flower is carefully designed with color, shape, texture and attention to detail. No two flowers are ever the same.

Each china plate or glassware item is carefully drilled and assembled using nuts, bolts and washers. Occasionally I use a special silicon glue to attach delicate accessories. The flower is crafted to accept a 1/2″ diameter pvc pipe as a flower stalk. (pvc needs a 1/4″ hole drilled through it about 4″ down to accept bolt.) This will best be supported by placing the pvc pipe over a short piece of re-bar. (pvc and re-bar can easily be found at home improvement centers.) I use the best quality old and vintage materials I can find. However there may be an occasional small chip or scratch which will not interfere with the beauty of the piece.

The flowers can be left out year round to enjoy. If there is extreme heat, frigid weather or extreme wind you may want to bring them in to protect them.

Please check out the picture gallery to view the variety of yard art flowers and whimsies to choose from. They require no watering, no feeding and no weeding. A perfect addition to a secret garden. Really the perfect gift for anyone, especially those who love gardens and flowers. These yard art flowers can also be hung on fences or garden sheds or put in flower pots. They also look wonderful placed on an easel and used indoors.

Be sure to check back soon for new updates to my website. There’s much more to come!